The video dance performance is about be in the middle of points, without a beginning and the end. The piece value the creative process and focus in the feeling of be living an idea without formal concretion, been open to many directions, but, with an only visible path represented by the stairs. The stairs, surrealist symbol, represent the internal world of the individual, that one that obtains to yoke all the phases without distinction of the chronological time. The human body brings the meaning of mental elipces  in front of the tryouts inside of this process.

Concepção/ Coreografia – Lola Lustosa
Performers – Lola Lustosa e Carmen Lustosa Gaul
Música – Benedikt Stehle
Fotografia – Christian Gaul
Sound Recorder – Philipp von Rothkirch
Figurino – Anne Gaul ( O’ESTUDIO)
Edição – Atilio Menéndez
Léo Almeida
Lola Lustosa
Sofia Karan

Rio de Janeiro, 2010