CHANTAL – If i Could Take a Light (remix)



Artist : Chantal
Production : Arttu Nieminen and Lola Lustosa | R2 production & Musterzimmer production

“La luce inarrivabile” della nostra esistenza è il senso del video. della canzone in se.
Il video è un modo di esprimere tutto ciò in una forma astratta, attraverso anche lo studio della luce ed il suo comportamento in contrasto al darkstep di Chantal.
(Chantal – Arttu Nieminen – Lola Lustosa)

||| CHANTAL |||
Chantal was born in the middle of 2010, after his arrival in Berlin.
It is thanks to the city discovers that, different ways of facing the music at the city level, daily interactions with artists and because of what happened is the involuntary exchange of ideas that found chantal …..
Chantal is a rock band from prior projects, and is now experimenting with a group, to present the impact of electronic music and dance.
Chantal hears: rock, indie, post hardcore, noise, dub / step, drum and bass, british psychedelic pop, metal, industrial, reggae, dance hall, ………… so on and so forth ……..
I believe in music, I believe in my fucking wallet and saw him say 30 years ago did not need this to get to an end, I believe in my mother sees me from heaven in this believe, I believe in nature and in his works of art, I think each one has a destiny but we can manipulate it according to some coincidences in life I lived and looked from different perspectives, I orgasm and I think that the only certainty in this fucking life.

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