First single from “Worthless”, debut album from berliner duo Zäil.
Wasabi Produzioni 2014.

Concept: Lola Lustosa
Direction & montage: Lola Lustosa
Cameras: Lola Lustosa, Alana Lake
Colorgrading: Arttu Nieminen
Featuring: Stefano Sechi, Vera Vilhelmina

Musterzimmer / Wasabi Produzioni 2014


The music video “Little Storm” made for ZÄIL is a tribute to life and nature. The video comes in the format of an intuitive story about The Myths of Adam & Eve getting alive in psychological danger. Paradise is no longer safe. The music expresses a protest of a human, that wishes to be heard, that wants to stop the unnatural progress of society, but no longer is listened and come ‘s out as a deep r lyrics and beats.

Adam & Eve feels the dangerous of there classical renaissance image while being together with the thoughts of mass control of the system, injustice, war, religious rape and factual pain.

The woman and the man are the same Mother Nature. They represent a contemporary dialogue of mind between dark and light, thoughts and reality, hope and fear. Let’s face the facts we must look back to nature.ürer

“A Queda do Homem”