“Never-ending stories” ( work in progress)

The performance by the artist Lola Lustosa is a game based on an old English book called: Question and Answer (graded Oral Comprehension Exercises) by L.G.Alexander, 1967, Longman edition.

L.G. says “ Learning to speak a foreign language has much in common with learning how to play a musical instrument. In each case, the final objective is that the student should be able to perform in public making as few mistakes as possible “

Taking this as a start the artist proposes the audience (one by one ) to choose one story title, have some cups of tea and when has the time come into gaming a new story.
The performance breaks with the formal narrative of stories and with the public build new ones.

The Project wants to travel on a cruise from Europe to South America and interact every day with the travelers.  All days will be filmed and edited into a Feature Movie.

In collaboration with Musterzimmer:

Project is Looking for partners and collaborators.

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