Raises questions such as: is it possible for a body to know?  Where did we come from? What time are we living in? Are we drag characters of this time and are we going to break away from this existential loop?

A mirage opens from a compulsory displacement/ shift of the ego from the inner self, when the experience is gone. The inner self starts a journey back to where it had never left before. Infinite, everything and nothing are now accepted as dialogue by this ultra conscious body.

Duration: Approx 40 min

Concept / Performance/ direction: Lola Lustosa

Sound: Jarkko Räsänen/Laura Leiner

Lights: Lola Lustosa \ Anastasia Mikhaylova

Photo: Geno Lechner/Tiago Bartholo


Premier work in progress in Dock 11 Berlin 2016

Looking for partners, collaborators/supporters.