SKIN TO SKIN (Péle a Péle)

Inspired by the movie “Lygia From Skin to Skin” by Helena Lustosa, the performance and instalation  entitled “Skin to Skin”, by Lola Lustosa and Mari Stockler, transmutes and transcends from the human body to skulpture. It originates from the body to a new body, both complete in their existance. Like a snake and a scorpion, which leave their image behind as a mean to open to new possibilities.

Performance/instalation  Lola Lustosa and Mari Stockler
Video editing: Lola Lustosa
Camera :Mari Stockler and Carlito Carvalhosa
Music: Arto Lindsay
Picture: Christian Gaul

Duration approx: 30min

Center Of Art Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro 2010