Trilogy for a Life Standing

Trilogy for a Life Standing Is a collection of 3 performances – Part 1 Splatter, Part 2 No ID Represents Me, Part 3 Hologram – to be developed and merged into one piece.

Realization Lola Lustosa & BROKEN LOOP Collective (Anastasia Alekseevna, Jarkko Räsänen and Lola Lustosa)

Work in progress Part 1 Splatter is the first project of the BROKEN LOOP collective and has been shown at Plataforma Berlin Iberoamerican Festival at Verlin and Deviation Festival, curated by Musterzimmer, at Acud Macht Neu, Berlin. 2018.

The work is a free deviation and it proposes a loop structure studying with slide projections and recording sounds loops on stage. The soundscape is combined with theatrical gestures resulting into a trance/psychedelic sessions.



Work in progress Part 2 No ID Represents Me (Premiere) DOCK 11, Berlin, 2016 raises questions such as: is it possible for a body to knowlege? Where did we come from? What time are we living in? Are we drag characters of this time and are we going to break away from this existential loop?

A mirage opens from a compulsory displacement/ shift of the ego from the inner self, when the experience is gone. The inner self starts a journey back to where it had never left before. Infinite, everything and nothing are now accepted as dialogue by this ultra conscious body.

The artist is nude or not (it depends of the rules of the space), shifting from one position to another in between the public with holding a mirror in front of her face she reflects the light from the spotlight on the public. All movements are very slow and remain an urge for new ritual. The public can interact with the performer while reflecting itself on the dirty mirror or touching the body of the artist.

password: penetraveis


To be developed Part 3 Hologram and premier as work in progress at DOCK 11, 2019, at Plataforma Berlin Festival together with Splatter and No ID Represents Me as a final format of the “Trilogy For a Life Standing”.

Hologram is physical structure that diffracts light into an image. As a possible ending point of the trilogy hologram translates the whole, the universe, the total, the complete, the safe and sound.

The performer is now in a dark room out of the stage with a top light where a camera is filming and connected to a live projection on stage. The light of the projector is reflecting on dark layers of fabrics set on stage. Live projections, live sound and words are now inviting the public to enter the stage.

On residency during the Morni Hills Performance Biennale II at Panjab University Museum, in Chandigarth, India, 2018 I had the chance of performing “ NO ID Represents Me ” and to reflect on the concept for the whole trilogy by having interesting conversations with other artists at Morni Hills residence some directions got formed.


– Becoming a Hologram.

– A feeling of being a hologram.

– The hologram as an image for the inner self.

– The holograms could feel each other.

The Acceleration of the transition from the natural reality as we have experienced until now into virtual and artificial reality and intelligence globally is the trigger to escape the visual experience, mind and feelings of human form into hologram form: to find a way of presence and permanence in life.

“The people through its own fault/ Has lost the confidence of the government/ And only by redoubling its efforts/ Can it win it back/ Would it not be easier than/ For the government to dissolve the people and elect a new one? will have any positive effect; the ghosts of the dead won’t let themselves be subdued by barrels of TNT. No one who’s given some thought to what the European states were like in the time of their splendor can look at what still goes by the name of state these days and see anything other than failures. Compared to the transnational powers, the states can no longer maintain themselves except in the form of holograms.”

“All the reasons for making a revolution are there. Not one is lacking. The shipwreck of politics, the arrogance of the powerful, the reign of falsehood, the vulgarity of the wealthy, the cataclysms of industry, galloping misery, naked exploitation, ecological apocalypse we are spared nothing, not even being informed about it all. Climate: 2016 breaks a heat record, Le MOND announces, the same as almost every year now. All the reasons are there together, but it’s not reasons that make revolutions, it’s bodies. And the bodies are in front of screens.” Extracts from political/philosophical book by The Invisible Committee called Now


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