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4 dancers are taken to a factory and given tools and themes to improvise with. Video is a result of these games and social relations mimicking movements through contemporary dance. Idea of play and improvisation working as a tool to reflect the honest collective emotions created in these old factory surroundings.

Conception/ Direction/ Photographie Lola Lustosa
Performers: Motoko Yokota, Michele Gatta, Silja Koivumäki, Topi Barbara Berti
Edit: Eemil Karila and Lola Lustosa
Sound: Eemil Karila
Support: Malz Fabrik

Berlin 2010

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Vazio ( Empty)

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Vazio ( Empty)
Direction/ Photograph: Lola Lustosa
Singer: Marya Bravo
Visagismo: Carolina Magliare
Editing: Samir  Abujamra
Lights: Christian Gaul





Untitled ( sem título)

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Untitled, duration 5min 20sec, it searchs to polarize question-keys of the contemporary world, which are: the human versus the maquínico; the repetition against the difference, factual and its subjetivadas projections. It is about an ostensively abstract experience (the figures tend to the dilution or the fantasmagórico) e formalist, that is, auto-questioning (the support VIDEO and its effects).Of the arts appearances (informal Abstracionismo, Expressionismo abstract and expressionista figuração) to music (Dodecafonismo, Miinimalismo), the work also sends to the typical tensions of the impasse between absence of narrative and epilogue, sensualism and fisicalidade, psychological time and historical length.

Direction/conception/photographie: Lola Lustosa
Música: Lola Lustosa
Edição/colaboration: Sofia Karan

Music based :
“ She is asleep”
Jonh Cage
“ Music for four”
Jonh Cage
“ Monochrome”


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